• Do you have some health concerns?
  • Are you tired of using chemicals to clean your home?
  • Are you looking for a home based business that really works?
  • Or perhaps you are looking for financial freedom.

We were looking for all of that and more!


Our names are Barb and John, Welcome to IWouldLoveToHelp.com. We are so pleased you decided to join us on our journey.

We love to travel the world, finding new adventures. Our bucket list is large and we intend to do everything on it. The small problem we have is the list keeps growing. When we first met Barb said to me, "John, there is a great big world out there and I intend to see as much of it I can. So either you hang on or you can hit the road now." We are still together today!

A few years ago at the age of 52, I had a massive heart attack which nearly killed me. Needless to say that was a life changing experience. We started re-evaluating our lives and decided together to look into more natural health solutions. We tried many different things, the only problem with everything we tried, they only addressed one area of a lifestyle change.

Then one day a good friend of ours introduced us to essential oils. We simply started using a blend she recommended to help promote better sleep and clearer breathing. We tried it and that was the first night we slept with very limited snoring. Bingo, we were hooked! Then we tried another oil, then another, until our friend said I have a business opportunity for you. This for us was a no brainer. We could simply share our experience, our strength, and hope with others, earn free products, earn commissions and 25% off the retail price and more.

Come join us on our journey. We will help, guide, and educate you on how to use oils, share and build your business. Even if you are not looking to build a business and just use the oils, not a problem, you will get the same level of support.

Here at I Would Love To Help, we are solution providers!

Keep smiling, there is a solution!

 Barb and John

Barb calls me her rock. 

Here we are standing on the rock, The Rock of Gibraltar - May, 2016